AMGO OH-15 15 2 Post Lifts


When you need a commercial-grade two-post lift for a job site that can support up to 15,000 pounds, the AMGO OH-15 15 is a solid choice. Click here to signup with Mechanic Superstore. It features self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders and quality parts that almost never need maintenance.

Commercial grade

Commercial grade two post lifts AMGO OH-15 15 are designed for heavy-duty applications and have a lifting capacity of 15,000 lbs. These lifts feature heavy-duty construction, self-lubricating bushings and high-quality parts. These lifts also require minimal maintenance. They feature symmetrical arms and can be installed in spaces with ceilings up to 14 1/2 feet high.

The AMGO OH-15 15 car lift is equipped with dual direct drive hydraulic cylinders and overhead hydraulic lines. It also features a single side-lock release and auto-shut-off feature on the cross-bar. In addition, it is backed by the industry's best warranty – 5 years on the structure, three years on hydraulics, and two years on electrical components.


The AMGO OH-15 is a high-quality two-post lift designed for heavy-duty applications. Its lifting capacity is up to 15000 lbs. It has heavy-duty construction and self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders for superior durability. The AMGO OH-15 also has a Single Point safety release, making it ideal for commercial use.

This lift is equipped with a high-quality hydraulic system with dual direct drive cylinders, overhead hydraulic lines, and an auto shut-off feature for the cross-bar. It also comes with an industry-leading warranty, covering 5 years of structural and hydraulic components, and two years for electrical components.


AMGO offers the best warranty in the business for its OH-15 15 2 post lift. The warranty covers the entire unit, including the steel structure and hydraulic parts. Additionally, it covers electrical and consumption parts. It also includes a 5-year structural warranty. You can use the warranty for repairs, maintenance, and replacement parts.

The AMGO OH-15 15 2 post car lift is a heavy-duty lift with lifting capacities up to 15,000 pounds. The lift's heavy-duty construction, self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders, and quality parts help it last a long time. It also has a powder-coated finish and stackable rubber pads.

Buying guide

If you're in the market for a two-post lift that can handle up to 15000 pounds, the AMGO OH-15 is a great choice. This model is strong enough to handle heavy-duty vehicles and is made with high-quality parts and features such as self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders. The OH-15 also comes with a Single Point safety release, which makes it safer to use.

Author: Nathan Wright